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默认情况下PFXs存储在PFX文件。 一个PFX文件中可能存在多个PFX,每个PFX文件都由一个单独的效果块描述。

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PFX Language 文档

Similar to the flexibility and reusability the .FX format brings to HLSL, the PFX format is designed to not only contain multiple GLSL/GLSL-ES shaders, but also to describe the relationship between shaders and the resources they rely on to create a specific visual effect. PFX files are in a human readable format so that they can easily be manipulated with text editors, such as PVRUniSCoEditor. The Tools in the PowerVR SDK provide functions for loading shader effects from PFX files, and all of the source code for this is included in the SDK.