Imagination:JD - MIPS Hardware Design Engineer (RTL+DV)

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Joined: 2016-03-15
Position:Hardware Design Engineer

Sector: HW2 (CEC)
Location: Shanghai, China
Date Issued:8/19/2016

The Role:

Imagination Technologies is one of the world’s fastest growing and most exciting technology companies. Rapidly climbing the FTSE250 on the London Stock Exchange, the breadth of technologies and markets it serves involves working with most of the biggest and best semiconductor, consumer electronics, multimedia and App content developers and industry partners in the world. Our technologies feature in many of the world’s most exciting products, from the latest smartphones, tablets and media players to the future wireless home, connected multimedia-rich cars and much more.
Situated in Shanghai, the China-Engineering-Center MIPS hardware group is responsible for developing and promoting the M-class product line which includes 4 to 6 stage pipeline microcontrollers and microprocessors.
RTL designer primarily, mainly focus on MIPS lower class cores such as M14K/MicroAptiv/Virtuo/Viking, and so on. Also, works as a complementary if other engineers are busy with the inter class cores.

Reports To:

Bo Zhou

Direct Reports:


Travel Requirements:

None expected. Though, upon project needs, optional travel to US office may be recommended.


As a part of the M-class design team, you will be working on the planning and implementation of the next-generation of micro-controllers and micro-processors. Furthermore, you will be discussing latest MIPS architecture and verification techniques with other experts in the field. You will be expected to contribute effort to the other team like DV and backend to aid them solving various issues.


You will be the expert of MIPS M-class cores and MIPS DV environment. You will also have opportunities to be familiar with higher end MIPS cores, such as I-class cpu.
Working as a part of a team, you will have some or all of the following responsibilities:
• Microarchitecture planning and design
• RTL design implementation including, but not limited to: CPU, peripherals, bus fabrics
• Frequency Speed, Area, Power, Performance analysis and closure
• Open discussion, presentation, documentation
• Describe and/or develop test plans and testbenches to aid verification work
• Familiar with MIPS ISA and AVP environment to aid test case failure debugging work

Required Skills:

• In-depth experience with RISC CPU and pipeline concepts
• Strong communications skills and capability to describe in detail all aspects of a design
• STA, Area report, performance pipegraph, power report analysis and optimization techniques
• Assembly language knowledge and writing skills
• Linux/Csh/Tcsh/Tk/Perl and/or other scripting language usage
• Synopsys/Cadence/Mentor tool usage and waveform analysis
• Knowledge of SOC/FPGA design is welcome

Desirable Skills:

• MIPS CPU knowledge
• Verbal and written English competency
• RTL/testbenches writing skills

Personal Attributes / Characteristics /:

The successful candidate will have:
• Self-starter – able to work both alone and as part of a team
• “Can-Do” approach to workload,
• Friendly - outgoing personality, gets on with all types of people
• Tenacious - determined not to let anything stop getting the job done
• Open - enjoys working in an informal environment
• Dedicated - willingness to work from time to time over extended hours in order to achieve goals set by immediate manager or demanded by business
• A passion for excellence and attention to detail
• Team player

Working Environment:

Fully understanding of MIPS architecture, M-class CPU RTL, including M14K/MicroAptiv/Virtuso/Viking, and so on. Capability of AVP/MVP/MRVP/SRVP testcases failure debugging. Providing ideas on how to resolve timing/area/power issues.


Fully understanding of MIPS architecture, M-class CPU RTL, including M14K/MicroAptiv/Virtuso/Viking, and so on. Capability of AVP/MVP/MRVP/SRVP testcases failure debugging. Providing ideas on how to resolve timing/area/power issues.

Key Words ;

CPU, MicroArchitecture, MIPS, RTL, pipeline, Synthesis, verification.

PowerVR graphics

The PowerVR graphics team produces the world’s leading family of ultra-low power GPU IP cores for mobile and embedded applications. With unrivalled performance per mm2 and per mW, PowerVR GPUs are already shipped in more than half a billion products, with hundreds of millions more being shipped every year. And with GPU Compute the latest hot topic, and the latest games and user interfaces the hottest apps, this is one of the most exciting engineering teams anywhere.
PowerVR video & display
The PowerVR video & display team has produces an unrivalled family of ultra-low power multi-standard, multi-stream video decoder and encoder IP cores, as well as display enhancement technologies such as Frame Rate Conversion, de-interlacers, through to camera and pixel pipeline processors. With more than 200m units shipped, PowerVR video is one of the most widely deployed mobile and embedded video solutions shipping today, while our display technologies are shipping in millions of top consumer brand TVs and STBs.
Ensigma communications
The Ensigma Communications team develops the world’s most advanced high performance, ultra-low power multi-standard RPU (Radio Processor Units) IP cores. Featuring implementations of more than 20 standards already from DVB-T2 to 802.11n with more to follow, the Ensigma UCCP RPU platform can receive any DTV, mobile TV or radio standard – and also Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth and more.
Meta processors
The Meta processor team develops Imagination’s 32-bit hardware multi-threaded CPU and DSP cores. Meta bring together a unique configurable combination of 32-bit RISC processing for Linux or RTOS-hosted apps with high performance DSP processing, making it ideal for deeply embedded and applications processing. The Meta team also develops the Codescape debugger environment, and all Linux, Android and RTOS ports to Meta, as well as the Flow Meta-based technologies.
IMGworks SoC design
The IMGworks team designs and implements RTL through to final layout and tape-out all SoC reference designs and test chips for the Imagination group and Imagination’s customers. With more than 20 advanced SoCs already completed, IMGworks helps Imagination’s customers to deliver complete working designs of its IP on any process, and creates full production quality test chips and reference designs for all IP groups.
Product Management
The product management team works with all of Imagination’s customers to ensure that they receive the support and advice they need to make best use of Imagination’s IP cores and technologies. Working with some of the most advanced SOC design teams in the world, the Product management team is at the heart of delivering great support to all of Imagination’s many partners.
SQA and Verification
The SQA and Verification teams in Imagination ensure that all of Imagination’s IP products deliver the highest performance and robustness our customers expect in all environments. Working across all IP product lines, our SQA and verification teams are at the heart of ensuring the high quality expected from every Imagination product.
Imagination’s marketing team delivers all aspects of the company’s external activities, from events and PR to websites and printed collateral. The marketing team is also a vital part of product specification and advanced roadmap planning for all our IP families, providing information on vital industry trends and dynamics to all of our engineering teams and executive management. The team also looks after corporate marketing, delivering key financial events and our Annual Report through to regular investor meetings and briefings.
Business Development
The sales and business development teams in Imagination are the front line in delivering our products and services to our growing community of licensees and other partners around the world. The Business Development group provide vital pre-sales technical support to our sales force, while our global sales team ensure that wherever there’s an Imagination customer, there’s someone local to support them.
Caustic Professional
The Caustic Professional team develops solutions for professional and prosumer ray tracing applications. Built on Imagination’s innovative OpenRL API and Caustic Ray Tracing technologies, Caustic Professional delivers board level solutions and advanced OpenRL-based near cinematic quality rendering through their Brazil rendering products.
HelloSoft V.VoIP
The HelloSoft V.VoIP team delivers complete voice and video over IP SDKs, running on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. The HelloSoft VoLTE and V.VoIP solutions incorporate advanced communications as well as audio and video software codec technologies to deliver carrier grade IP voice and video traffic over any IP networks, including 3G/4G and the internet.

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